Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Some More Changes

Hey all. You may recall, yesterday, I made a new blog post which was first of all, overdue, and second of all, madly incoherent and emotional. While it was justified (me and Farra were going through some issues) it was still a crappy post and not how I wanted to relaunch this new edition of the blog. What's done is done however, and the only thing we can do is move on (which is strangely what me and Farra said to each other).

As you may have noticed I've re-done the blog template again. Mentioning the reason for that will lead you to this very same conclusion, but here I'll say it anyway: I have somehow constructed my entire life around Farra. Whether that is a good or a bad thing remains to be seen, I suppose, but I'm willing to risk it. Love like you'll never be hurt, they say, so that's what I'll do.

Back on topic, Farra said the old template was kind of boring,  so I went on a Google hunt to find a new one. I went through quite a few, some of them too elaborate, some too simple and at least one which was kinda great but messed around with my widgets too much so I took it back off. Then somehow, I came across this one, called 'Irena', and showed it to Farra. She liked it, so here it is.

If you made anything out of yesterday's post, I hope it's the fact that I'm going to update more often. Again, taking my Farra as a cue, I decided to eschew the hipster like anal retentiveness of posting only literary stuff and deciding to just roll with it, and post whatever I felt like posting. I realise this can make my blog chaotic and confusing, however, so I've made up some categories which I can make into a list on the sidebar for easy navigation. They are:

Writing: The actual stories and poems I've written. Original content only.

Filosophy Friday: The misspelling more than Added Alliterative Appeal, this is where I try to discuss the different schools of philosophy and philosophers, or maybe just give my two cents about a certain topic.

Opinions or Musings: This is where most stuff will probably be filed under. I hope to be able to post my ideas about certain things or things which I've been thinking about. These are mostly 'ridiculous' or 'merapu' to most of the Malaysian peoples (which sometimes includes Sweetie herself, sadly) but these so-called not-so-serious questions are usually the ones which nobody has given much thought and thus, ones which nobody can usually answer.

And lastly, Diary and News, which is where I share things I feel like sharing on the blog, like yesterday's crappy post.

I hope people who have been here before will want to re-visit the blog, and new readers will want to stick around. I may not be the prettiest girl at the dance, but we'll have a great jolly ol' time together. Bad metaphor, of course, but the only one I can think of right now.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you in the future!

EDIT: Farra apparently hated the pictures of her I uploaded so I took 'em down.

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