Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Haven't Abandoned My Blog, What Are You Talking About?

Okay so it may look like I've gotten really really lazy with the updates but I've actually been really busy with other stuff. Now I'm sort of not supposed to be busy with other stuff but I kinda am, with, uh, other stuff. So this is my first post in, like, forever.

So yeah.

Let's start with the obvious first. New blog template! I kinda forgot what the template is called but I DO remember that I posted a test post with the template name and the template source, so there's that. Go check it out! And please leave a comment if you find this new template harder to navigate around or read than the previous ones. Otherwise I'm just going to go with the default Blogger template and that means that yes, yes I have abandoned my blog.

Okay what else. Oooh! I graduated! I mean, I passed my final exam, I haven't gotten my transcript yet, and hell I actually have not done ANYTHING beyond enjoying myself after the whole exam thing. No SPA interview, no going to check out which hospital I'm going through, I mean NOTHING. I've actually wanted to finish Dragon Age but since Mom had other ideas, parading me around kampung like I'm a little kid who got 5A's for his motherfucking UPS fucking R. I'm sorry I hate the...ANYWAY. I've since been playing through the entire Sam and Max Season 3: The Devil's Playhouse. It is such a major improvement over the first two seasons, and now I'm actually stuck inside Max's...uh, spoiler alert. So basically I've been playing games all week.

I am aware that I've left my supposedly 'regular' column Filosophy Friday hanging. I assure you I am working on it, as soon as I find a way through the Sam and Max season finale.

Oooh speaking of Season Finales, I am SOOO glad I decided to follow the HBO series Game of Thrones, which is basically A Song of Ice and Fire come to life. The season finale is on Monday!

It is soo good. It does take away certain things from the book (mostly the character's inner monologues) but it adds certain other scenes, that totally expand on what we know about the series. The actors are all brilliant - come on, that's Sean Bean up there playing the in-effable Lord Eddard Stark. I have to admit I recognised no other names on the credits roll, but they've all proved awesome so far. Maybe I'll do a post about GoT afterwards just to get people into it. You know that phrase, the one that causes me to rage with all of my hate? 'Ish, tebalnya, takpelah aku tunggu movie dia keluar. Hehe!' Well this book series was so thick it took an entire TV season to, uh, cinematise. So YAY! No reading the doorstopper book series for you people! Just Ten Hours to kill watching a screen. Maybe one day I'll do that post. Maybe after the season finale so I can do a totally spoileriffic post.

You see, I've READ the whole damn thing. And it was awesome. If you don't want to read it, give this series a try. I guarantee it's a little bit different than anything you've ever experienced before.

Okay I've run out of things to say. This post was hopefully an epinephrine jab in the veins of a flogging blogger's blog. I hope to have moar regular updates in futures. Toodles.

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