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NEWS POST: Further updates on my latest scribble

As you may have noticed, I have a link to your right just above the Google ad that says, "Archive of Stories and Ascended Scribbles". Go there, and you will see this:

Sometimes scribbles ascend to become coherent stories.

I write this because most of the time, I get an idea for a story, and scribble it down (see?) and it goes nowhere. I lose interest. I think it sucks too badly to get published. Whatever. That means the scribble never gets to be a story. It never ascends. It doesn't achieve Nirvana. That is exactly what happens to the titles I announce and then strike off. I can't do it. The characters have got the wrong guy. I'm not the one who gets to tell their story. These fictional people, they invade on my consciousness and tell me, 'I got something to say.' Most of the time they say it and walk off. Sometimes they tell me to tell their story. Sometimes I do. Most of the times, I don't. I say to them, sorry, wrong guy. Try James Cameron, space marine. You can try Neil Gaiman, Shadow. Or Alan Moore to you, Rorschach.

Point is, I may announce something and not follow through with it. Won't be the first time. That said, I'm announcing the latest scribble which seems too long to remain one: it may ascend. It is called 'The Lila Situation', where four guys try to bury a dead girl they find in one of the guys' house.

I am going for characterisation and story here instead of philosophy like I did with my previous story. This time, the guys walk up to me and say it's the experience and not what you make of it. I nod and say I'll tell it the way they remember it, collectively.

My research on characterisation has inevitably led me to TV Tropes, especially the Four Temperament Ensemble page (that's a link, just in case you didn't see it. To be helpful, they are usually Capitalised Like This. That one leads to the TV Tropes home page, which can be very helpful for writers.) Of course first I went to the Five Man Band page because I at first thought they were a five man band burying one of their own. But a few clicks on that page I found the FTE page and thought it would be a better template for the characters.

Expect it sometime next week, since I got a lot of work and studying to do. I make time for writing generally, but most of the time it's off to work we go. Here's a list of quotes I made up for the story which may or may not make it into the story proper.

*          *          *

"Hey, I've been thinking-"


*          *          *

"...'cause once your daughter is this hot, everybody is going to try and pork her."
"I'd say she's more cute than hot."
"Dammit, you know what I mean!"

*         *          *

"Look, we can be jerks and stuff her in the trunk-"
"Heh heh."
"-or we can give respect to the recently deceased and give her a ride up front."
"Heh heh."
"Shut the fuck up!"

*         *          *

"Regardless of how hot she was I refuse to ride in a car with a fuckin' corpse in my lap."

*          *          *

"What the...what the hell was that? Hey, hey guys! Guys, did I hit something?"
"I fuckin' hope you did."
"I don't think you did."

*          *          *

"I'm not sure what movie we're in now, to be honest."

*          *          *

"For the record, Mike, I blame you for all this."

*          *          *

My favorite is the 'stuff her in the trunk' quote and the one directly below it. The first one is shamelessly ripped off of Shamus Young's DM of The Rings, because I love Shamus Young's stuff. The episode in question is This One. Click the links, you'll be entertained if you're a) a gamer, b) a Lord of the Rings fan and c) not a humorless blob. I especially love how Shamus' search button says 'Gimmeh!' instead of 'Search'.

So, Dear Reader(s), have a bit of patience, and all will be revealed.

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We should adopt pseudonyms if we're going to publish stuff like this. =D Anyways, will be checking in frequently for updates to the scribble.

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