Monday, February 21, 2011

Posting For The Sake Of Posting

Because this blog needed one.

Seriously, though, it's languished untouched for quite a while. So I thought I'd forget about trying to write deep meaningful things, and just write what comes to mind. I can thank my sweetheart Farra for that. Reading her blog is a pleasure, and she just writes what comes to mind anyway. Aside from some password protected posts (which contain sensitive information) most of stuff is fun to read.

It would be horrible of me to say that and not provide a link,

So...what about today, that's significant enough to warrant a blog post?

Well I could start with this quote: "Saya tak creative macam @MasterTeej yang kuat mengayat pakai ayat power kebabom tu" I think you know who said this, and where.

When I first read that, I laughed. I can't tell why. It amused me, for some reason, so we had a whole twitter conversation for a while. One thing led to another, and somehow Farra had helped me pick out a new blog template. It was cool and looked great, but didn't really work; despite its so called minimalistic design, it loaded slower than me in class. So I threw it out.

Then I tried to focus on writing my story, I think it's been due since 1942. However, y'all will apparently have to wait because...well, I couldn't get in the writing zone.

This is a more realistic reason as to why I don't write more often than 'I don't have time'. It's more 'I can't do it' than anything else. I don't know why, but when there's something bothering me I can't shut it out and go on like there's nothing wrong. Something IS wrong, and I can't let it go.

I had plans. I had ideas. And I had things I wanted to do and share. Now, because I feel too much, because I can't shut off for an instant that part which nags and worries, none of those things get done. Why am I like this? I hate being like this. I hate being in this situation.I thought I left all of this behind. Why is it still here?

I just wanted to be happy.

p/s: wah, completely random muttering. But at least it's something...

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