Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Haven't Abandoned My Blog, What Are You Talking About? Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Hey. So I realise I haven't done much writing here. No poems, no philosophy, not even a drug fuelled rant about how God and the pigeons are one, trust the pigeons. Literally a blank! Like, like, well, a blank!

Yes, yes, make fun of my lack of vocabulary.

I have, in the past, ignored my blog due to a busy schedule. I now also ignore my blog due to a busy schedule, but instead of being busy  trying to cram more knowledge in my noggin for an upcoming examination, I am now busy trying to have as much fun as possible.

Strange? Yes. Confused? Good. Keep calm and carry on.

Love this poster by the way.

Anyway. What exactly have I been busy with? First off, I am busying myself with the insurmountable task of whipping my ass into shape. I have signed up with Fitness First Platinum at Empire Subang, and enlisted the services of a personal trainer, an awesome man named Megat Farid. I like his method of training and I like what's been done very much so far. I do have one worry, which is that  haven't really been watching what I eat. It's just...well, almost impossible to avoid fatty and/or sugar loaded foods in Malaysia. I realise that I'm basically shoving a plate full of grease down my throat everytime I chow down but I can't help it: it's hard to find a good alternative. Oh well. Maybe it's time to be a regular at Giant Shah Alam's Subway from now on.

In other boring news, I find myself really struggling with research for my next story. I'm trying to do one about zombies and/or vampires, just to knock one out there, y'know, whatever that means. But about zombies, see, what I want is the voodoo zombie, the kind born of magic instead of the hollywood brain munching zombie. I can blame this in part on Neil Gaiman and his excellent story 'Bitter Grounds' (available on Tor.com here). Neil Gaiman's work always fascinates me, and stories about the supernatural always get me. I guess that's why I'm writing one story about the living dead.

Anyway. I was saying that it was really hard to find good research on these topics, especially voodoo. How does one go about making a zombi? What are some good legends or folklore surrounding zombi and voodoo? How does zombie powder fit into all this? It's hard to follow. I guess I could read the Wikipedia entry, but...well, Wikipedia always struck me as always incomplete, somehow. They'd say really vague stuff like 'Oh, y'know, zombi were made by voodoo witches, and they're undead,' and it's all too clinical. I guess that's one failing of Wikipedia. Unless it's a show, movie, actor, singer or videogame then there's not much on the subject on Wikipedia. And I don't have any other good sources of information on the supernat-

Wait. I do, don't I? I haven't been there in years. Hopefully they stay the same.

Okay, that's two things I've been busy with.

The third is the love of my life, my girlfriend Farra.

Now she would see me mention her in this post and probably think, 'Oh, you're blaming me for not having enough time to post on your blog?' which is just not true. (Not just because she's reading this right now.) I'm not blaming her for anything, I'm just saying that we've been spending a lot of time together, which is awesome. (Again, completely unrelated to the fact that she's reading this right now. I love you sweetie.)

Anyway. We've been seeing each other a lot more frequent than in the past lately, and we've been doing a lot of things. We went to Stadium Negara to watch Chelsea train, we went to Bon Odori 2011, and we even went jogging together. We had tea, we watched a show (Dreamgirls), got an autograph from a celebrity (Tony Eusoff), and watched a movie which she won free tickets to. Nice! All in all the only thing lacking is me putting a damn ring on that dainty little finger.

So why all this being serious about slacking off? Well, for starters, I am a poor medical student. Not poor as in no money but poor as in I am a bad slacker of a medical student. (See above for list of slackeriffic stuff). I have poor, poor knowledge of medicine, and that should be pretty alarming for the public to know that this kind of slacker-doctor is on the loose. What I want is to prepare myself for housemanship, to be the doctor I know I can be. That requires time, and thus, I've delayed my SPA interview and thus putting my working life on hold for a few months, if not years.

But wait! You think. I find no mention of studying up there! Good eye, says I. Hey, that rhymes. Ummm, yes, I haven't been studying, but think of it this way: I'll never have a chance to see my girlfriend at a frequency I do now, which has its dial set at 'whenever the hell we feel like it'. I'll never be able to do these things, so let's get this out of my system now, and not regret it later when the call comes. I will do some studying, yes, this is a given. I will brush up on my basic sciences, my medicine and whatnot, but not now. Now, we have fun.

So, now you know why my blog has been abandoned for a while. I promise more will come, even if it's just me rambling like I have this entire post. I better stop now, or else I'll have another 'Anyway' tacked on to my paragraph breaks. Until next time.

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