Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Stuff!

Hey all. Hope you liked what I've posted thus far. Here I'd just like to make a few announcements, regarding this blog and my upcoming works.

  1. I'll try to find a way to archive posts by type, as links on the blog sidebar so that you can skip these often boring and out of date announcements and get straight to the stories/poems or whatever. Makes life easier.
  2. I'm gonna change the name of the blog. Ibis and Jackal; A Collection of Works by TJ is a bit hard to remember. Makes things short and simple.
  3. A banner is going up, though no ETA on this one. Probably a shot of me in the rain, y'know, like Russell. (You don't know who he is, read The Rainwalker).
  4. No BGM music, because I'm too lazy.
  5. STORY NEWS! Up and coming is a very modern and urban…uh, love story. (Crickets chirp.) Yes, you heard me right. It's a love story. Now have I got your attention? Okay, but its not like, 'Oh, I love you so much' soppy love story. Like I said, its modern, and uh, urban, so its going to be cool, not soppy. It's based on a true story, and if you know how RL is, these two lovebirds have to go through hell before they even realise they're in love. Like, nine months. Spoiler! Ahahahaha. Wait for it, kay?
  6. I also bought The Ladies of Grace Adieu, a book by Susanna Clarke, who also wrote Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. I shall write about them once I find the time to actually read them.

That's all folks! Bookmark or follow this blog if you like what you see so far, because I'm on a roll baby!

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