Thursday, March 5, 2009

First Post: And What This Blog Is About

Greetings, citizen. This blog I decided to separate from my other blog so that I can focus on channeling my creative energies here. Poems, short stories, story Ideas, new books I have liked, and what have you concerning this long abandoned passion of mine (writing, FYI). I will also post news on what I have brimming in this skull of mine concerning new works.

Feel free to comment, copy and paste, print and claim these works as your own. My children, unlike those of other authors, can fend for themselves.

For now, I'd like to announce that I have one short story in the works, a LONG (read: fucking long) abandoned project called The Rainwalker. I was going to enter it in the MPH 2009 short story compo, but...meh, I'd never get it done in time. The Rainwalker is going to be about a young man, who enjoys walking in heavy rains trying to sort out tiny details of his life...and as his world changes around him, he learns that a thin sheet of polymer canvas is not going to protect him from the flood that will happen.

Hopefully you guys are as excited about this as I am?

(looks around)

No, I thought not.

By Hafiz Tajuddin with 3 comments


i am! r u going to post the story hier?

Most definitely its going up here...Woot! Other people like my stuff! Hahaha...

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