Wednesday, October 5, 2011

LILA MUST DIE! (Apologies to any readers named Lila)

So...I suppose you guys have noticed that I haven't been updating too much lately. I promised two things, didn't I-no, three! I promised to blog regularly, even if it is just dumb updates on my boring life that nobody cared about, I promised to continue my Philosophising, and I promised fiction. I didn't deliver on all counts, and I sincerely apologise.

The reason for this is rather stupid; I wasn't busy, actually, but rather I was doing nothing. I was focused on doing nothing that I forgot what was important to me. My career, my family, my finances, my hobbies...I chucked all that away in favor of lazing about. I admit it; I was too busy not being busy that I forgot to do the things I promised myself I'd do.

Well let's not cry, argue, fight and finally divorce over spilled milk. This post is, hopefully, a kick to the arse of my lazing creativity and a jump-start to my adult life. If it isn't...well, there's more milk in the fridge.

ANYWAY. This post is to introduce what I'm going to be devoting most of my time to instead of the really important bits. I am going to be researching, plotting, writing and afterwards editing a story about a woman named Lila. What's so important about Lila? Well, I don't know if this is spoileriffic or is the main draw of the story...hmmmmm...well okay I'll tell you. Lila is a zombie.

Wait, wait! Show's not over! There's more...

The story originated when, while dozing off in class (shut up) I had a brief dream-vision of me and a few classmates hauling a dead body through the class. The mood was sombre; the corpse was someone we knew, someone we cared about, though for serious now that I think about it I have no idea who it was. I also had the impression somehow that we were trying to hide the body.

I immediately woke up, went 'Whoa, dude' and instead of paying attention in class and forgetting about it, I noted it down. The dream-vision-whatever stuck with me throughout the day, and I ended up writing a few notes about a bunch of dudes who find the corpse of a friend, who I named Lila, in their house. Before my sweetie thinks Lila is a real person I'm trying to 'bury' from her knowledge, I should explain that the name 'Lila' came to me when I was brainstorming girl names. She DOES NOT ACTUALLY EXIST. Nobody was killed in the making if this.

ANYWAY. I tried my best to write out what would have been a road trip story about these guys trying to bury their friend (girlfriend to one of them) but it didn't work out. It was too stupid and dumb and I couldn't get myself to continue. So I scrapped it. I thought Lila's story was dead and buried, but apparently that bitch absolutely refused to stay dead. a zombie...

Hey I know! Why not make it a ZOMBIE STORY?

Charged with that new idea, I began to plot this new story. So far what I have is just a rough 'plan' which if you saw it you'd be wondering what the fuck have I been doing with my free time (playing Arkham Asylum). I have four characters, each of them central to the story but for three of them, they're vague shadows. You could replace them with Edward Cullen and still have the same effect. Or, better yet, a cardboard cutout of a person. They're that flat...right now, anyway.

Lila herself is fully fleshed out - dead flesh, to be sure, but there's some meat on her bones so let's not argue whether said meat is in various states of decay. She's an amalgamation of various zombie sources, mostly voodoo but also including p-zombies, the movie ghoul zombies, and a lot of things I have to say about society.

NOW, though, I have some ideas on fleshing out the two protagonists; Lila's dear husband Mike, whose marital bonds with Lila were severed upon her death, and Kent, a drug dealer and Mike's buddy throughout this story. At first they were just there to provide Lila's backstory and little else (I orignally thought they should die at Lila's hands but naaaaahhhh) but now they have a different purpose. They are...well, I'll just say it...channeling me. For reasons I thought I would but am now having second thoughts about divulging, this is a personal journey for me and these guys are mere tools, channels for my own insecurities and problems.

Mike and Kent don't have to kill Lila. I do. Hopefully, by writing this story, I will be able to put my gun to her head and find the courage to pull the trigger. I will do it. I must.

Lila must die.

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